Safety procedures


I. Safe Classrooms and Hallways

A. At least 2 approved volunteers must be in a room with children at all times.

B. No one may enter a children’s room or stand in the halls around the children’s rooms unless they are an approved volunteer scheduled to serve at that service.

II. Restroom or Diaper changing Procedures

A. Only adult females are allowed to change diapers.

B. An adult female teacher will accompany the child to the Boy/Girl restrooms in the children’s wing. The teacher will go in to make sure the restroom is vacant, and then allow the child to enter. The adult female waits outside the door. No one else may enter the restroom while the child is inside. A boy will only be allowed to enter a vacant restroom. One or more girls may enter an occupied women’s restroom if there are open stalls, as long as the teacher stands in the doorway with the door held open, where the teacher can assure the girls’ safety.

III. Drop Off And Dismissal

A. Security tags are issued for kids’ ages 0-5th grades. A parent, grandparent or sibling age 12 or older drops the child at his classroom and receives a matching security tag number.

B. A child is not allowed to leave the classroom by himself. He may not meet his parent at another location of the building.

C. A child is released at his classroom only to the person who shows the matching security tag number.

D. If a parent misplaces his matching security number tag, the child will not be released to the parent yet. A children’s ministry director is called. If the director knows the family, she will give permission for the release of the child. If the director does not know the family, she will request to see and make a copy of the parent’s identification (driver’s license, etc.). If the director is uncomfortable about releasing a child to this person, she will contact the on-site police officer.  

IV. Health Policy

A. Please do not bring kids with symptoms of illness within the past 24 hours: nasal discharge (except clear), diarrhea or vomiting, or temperature of 100 or more.